Saturday, April 26, 2014

1st Grade - Class Creatures

Another project reloaded from last year - one of my favorites - the first graders learned about interpretation and differences with this creative project.  First, as a class we decide on a set of features our creatures are going to share.  For example, Mrs. Belles' class decided their monster would be green and live on land, while Mrs. Nelson's class was blue and lived in water.  Most classes decided on a big, mean, horned and winged creature.  Then everyone was set free to draw whatever kind of creature they could imagine, as long as it followed our class vote.  We closed the lesson with students sharing their artwork and pointing out ways it was similar to and different from their classmates'.

Ms. Belles' Class

Ms. HJ's Class

Ms. Evans' Class

Ms. Chaney's Class

Ms. Nelson's

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