Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1st Grade - Class Creatures

1st graders learned all about interpretation in this project.  Each class voted on a set of characteristics that all their artworks would share, but afterwards we talked about how different our ideas were.  Even though all of Mr. Rhoades' students drew big blue creatures with spiral horns, some were bigger than others, some were shaped like worms and others like dragons, and each student made their creature their own.  Afterwards we discussed this is a gallery-style critique that allowed students to look at their classmates' work and compare and contrast.  Here are just a few examples from each class.

Ms. Belles' Class

Ms. Burke's Class

Mr. Rhoades' Class

Ms. Nelson's Class

Ms. Chaney's Class


  1. Such a good creativity lesson. I cant wait to try this with my classes. How do you get the students to fill in all the white space of the paper? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Using the whole page is a big focus in our art room, particularly with the younger students. Just one of those things you have to say over and over and over again.