Monday, February 17, 2014

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade - Color Challenge

It's been a wild month and a half since winter break.  Snow days and delays have really made it difficult to get a whole lot done, but we've certainly been busy.  A lot of our groups are finishing up projects, so I'll be updating the blog as we get things done. 

In the meantime, the third, fourth, and fifth graders played a color mixing game where they worked together in groups to create a color by using only the primary colors.  It was a definite challenge, but the kids got into it and did a really nice job.  Here's how it worked:

Each group got ketchup bottles filled with mostly water and a little bit of blue, yellow, and red paint.  The groups use these to squirt and mix into little plastic cups, then place onto the two game boards to create a color wheel.  The two game boards are for getting it right first, then for reinforcement.  There are buckets to dump and rinse discarded colors, and a sponge for clean up.  Groups get points for putting the primary colors in the right spots, then the secondary, tertiary colors, then brown.  Take a look at the game in action.  Special thanks to third grader Darrick for being our photographer!