Sunday, March 30, 2014

1st Grade - Turtles

One more clay project before I turn in.  Another holdover from last year, the first graders were very excited to work with clay and take their turtles home as soon as possible.  As kindergartners, we made pinch pots, and this year we're turning that idea upside down - literally.  By adding a head and fins to an upturned pinch pot, you get a turtle!

3rd Grade - Fish

Another clay project!  Third graders took a step further with their learning about clay techniques with this slab building project.  First they rolled the slab, then cut out a fish shape before adding details like eyes, gills, or scales.  Then we topped it off with a fresh paint job, which allowed the third graders to really make their fish their own.  Check out these excellent examples!

Kindergarten - Pinch Pots

The old kindergarten clay stand-by:  pinch pots.  The kids got their feet wet working with clay for the first time, and even got to use tempera paint to finish them off with some patterns.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1st Grade - Warm and Cool Color Collage

The first graders continued learning about color with this collage project.  After learning about the primary and secondary colors, we talked about a new way to classify colors:  warm and cool.  Then we made a cool background, using green, blue, and violet construction paper to make shapes and lines.  Then, we finished our artwork by adding a collage of our houses using the warm colors:  red, orange, and yellow.  Take a look!