Sunday, February 1, 2015

6th Grade - Exploding Dog

I first did this lesson back when I was doing my clinical observations at Ohio State.  In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the very first project I ever taught to students, and it's taken a few years to makes its way back into the plans. 

We had 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break this year, which was just enough time to squeeze this quick unit in while we also took a week to finish any other project that needed it.  The idea is very simple, and stolen completely from Sam Brown's awesome and hilarious website,  Basically, sixth graders all started with a piece of paper and had to come up with a title for a drawing.  We had a lot of song lyrics, common sayings, or just completely random thoughts as titles.  Then, students traded their titles with classmates and drew a picture for it.  It's always interesting to see how different students approach their interpretations.  Here are just a few of the many awesome drawings done by the sixth graders.

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