Thursday, May 15, 2014

4th Grade - Blind Contour

Similar to the second grade project "Making Mistakes," this fourth grade lesson was mainly about putting yourself in a hole and figuring your way out of it.  First, the kids made a blind contour drawing of the person sitting across from them by drawing with a Sharpie marker on a clipboard under the table.  Not being able see makes drawing a face accurately nearly impossible, so we talked a lot about letting our expectations go; whatever happens you'll just have to deal with.  Once the drawing was done, then the "fixing" could begin.  A lot of fourth graders tried many different strategies to complete their artwork with markers.  Some embraced how bizarre their faces looked, others covered it up or changed their ideas completely.  Below are some outstanding examples of students not giving up on their ideas, but working through problems.  Art is a process after all.

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