Sunday, May 19, 2013

3rd and 5th Grade - Recycled Art Designs

Third and fifth graders at Holmes collaborated for this sculpture project using recycled materials, only with a pretty big twist.  First the third graders were split into groups and given a bag full of supplies like cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, buttons, and pipe cleaners.  Then they were tasked to create some sort of sculpture using only those supplies, with the twist being they weren't actually going to be the ones to put the sculpture together.  They made instruction manuals detailing everything fifth grade groups would need to know to build their idea.  The third graders really had to focus on the artmaking process and their communication skills for their artwork to be successful.  The fifth graders had to do a good deal of interpreting and problem solving to make sense of the manuals.  This was a really interesting project where the kids had to work together and think both abstractly and literally to create an excellent piece of artwork.  It was tons of fun to watch, too!

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