Friday, November 20, 2015

3rd Grade - Ink Monsters

Stefan Bucher's Daily Monster channel on YouTube is the inspiration for this project with 3rd grade.  Also something we've been doing in my room for a long time, I probably enjoy this as much as the kids do.

We spend the first class trying to figure out how Bucher makes his monsters just by looking at his finished art work.  Then, I spread some ink on their papers using a toothbrush, and the third graders use a straw to blow the ink around and make a funky shape.  Then our job is to use that shape as part of a monster we make up.  Maybe the shape is hair or feathers or a mouth or something.

By the end, we take it step further by making up some context for the project.  We fill out a questionnaire asking a bunch of random questions that prove the third graders are thinking about their artwork beyond just what it looks like.

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