Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3rd Grade - Genius

This is a new project this year that the kids and I really enjoyed.  I recently read about the Roman idea of a genius.  The Romans believed there was a little thing that lived inside your soul that would come and go, giving you ideas and basically directing your activities.  The coolest part is that this "genius" could give you a good idea or a bad idea, and you couldn't really take credit for it either way.  If you came up with something brilliant, you would stay humbled, saying it was actually your genius that came up with the idea.  At the same time, if you tried something dumb, it wouldn't be totally your fault.  Your genius just led you astray.  

I explained to my third graders that a "genius" is this little spirit that lives in your soul that helps you be good at the things your good at.  So we planned what our geniuses look like and what they helped us with before painting them. 

Take a look at some awesome examples.  See if you can guess what the kids are "geniuses" at.

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