Friday, January 3, 2014

3rd Grade - Inventions

3rd graders were tasked to come up with a problem and invent some sort of solution for it.  This project existed in multiple steps:  a plan sheet, a blue print, an advertisement, and - for the class that had time (snow days again!), an investment fair.  The third graders took their idea from concept to advertisement so that they could sell it to investors and turn their dream into (hypothetical) reality.  So many third graders came up with so many different ideas and really thought hard about how their invention would work.  Pay close attention to the details the kids put into their advertisements, all the cool stuff their invention can do, solutions to some bizarre and/or practical problems, energy sources, things like that in the pictures.  At the end, I've included a video of a third grader sharing her blueprint with an investor.  Here it is America:  the future of our world.  Get ready.

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