Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4th Grade - Paper Mache Globes

Man, I have fallen behind on updating my blog.  Rest assured, we've been just as busy as ever in Mr. Schmidt's art room since the middle of August.  The good news is I have pictures of projects, a few videos, and a couple of SLOs (!!) coming up here soon, so check back early and often.

First up in this series is a collaboration I did with our 4th grade Social Studies teacher:  paper mache globes.  For the first class, we covered a small balloon with paper mache and newspaper   The next week, we painted it blue.  Then to top it off I projected a picture of the globe up on the screen and we painted the continents, deserts, and/or ice caps.  The paper mache provided a nice texture for the globe, and 3D projects are always a hit.  Here are just a handful of examples.