Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of the Year One Day Lesson - Battle for the Board

Continuing our End of the Year One Day Activities is a game we played that I call Battle for the Board.  Battle for the Board is basically Pictionary that I tweaked for a larger scale.  Sometimes we'll play Pictionary as a class for short period of time, and it's difficult to manage 25 kids screaming out answers at the same time.  So for this game, the kids broke off into groups of 3 or 4.  Two groups play at a time, while the others wait in line for their turn.  One of the playing groups is the champions, the other is the challengers.  The champions pick an artist to draw the clue that I give them, and like Pictionary, the two participating groups have to guess what the artist is drawing.  If the champions win, they remain in control of the board and face a new challenger group.  If the challengers win, they take over the board as champions, and the next group up will challenge them.

I shared the clues with the non playing groups so that they could help judge who guessed the right clue first.  It was a huge hit, and a lot of fun to watch as well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of the Year One Day Lesson - Origami Bears

This post would be better if I had taken pictures, but my cartoon will have to suffice.  Simply, I demonstrated how to make the origami bear I found on this website in front of my first and second graders.  I also posted each individual step up on the board so kids could follow along as they worked at their own pace.  Then they folded their bear on their own while I circulated and helped table by table.  Anyone who finished quickly helped classmates fold theirs, then we used markers to finish.

Friday, June 6, 2014

End of the Year One Day Activity - Last Class Jeopardy

If you're like me, you love trivia games.  To round out the end of the year, I put together a list of trivia questions to play with my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  The initial set up was Jeopardy-ish, with categories including movies, music, sports, games, and of course art.  Each featured 5 levels of questions (100-500 points).  I wrote the categories and the levels on the board in front of the class, and the teams (tables) took turns picking a question by erasing a number. I read the question, and teams wrote their answers down on a small white board until I told them to show.  Any team that the question right, won the points.  I also found this handy scorekeeper online that I projected up on the wall that was very helpful.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of the Year One Day Lesson - Sidewalk Chalk

The end of the school year is hectic for everyone.  In the art room, we have to worry about finishing projects for the art show, getting everything graded, and passing the artwork back for the kids to take home, all while juggling changes in schedule for assemblies, incentives, and the multitude of random events that seem to pop up and take away from special time.

So this year, I decided to wrap up our major projects within the first few weeks of May, and filled the last class time or two with one-day activities to get ready for summer and end the year in a fun way. I thought I'd post some of the cool things we did in Art the last few weeks of school.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures with my camera of the games, so I drew pictures of our activities instead.

We were fortunate enough in southwest Ohio to have some beautiful days to close out the year, so on the last day, we went outside and decided to plaster the playground blacktop with sidewalk chalk.  We started by drawing pictures of summer plans - activities or vacations, whatever - and pretty much ended by drawing whatever came to mind.  Lots of kids going to King's Island this summer.  Maybe I'll see you there!